Album News ” Green Heart George” and A Short Insight Into Origin

Yes, 23 of april is the release of my album soul/reggae poetry album” Green Heart George”. More info will follow :D.

Until then I have something new to share a short story, insight into my mind.

A Short Insight into Origin

A bird told me the earth is transforming and that the world in the space of time is guiding us to evolve with our planet. They say that it’s the year 2016, but every calendar that has been created since we have thought ourselves to count shows me a different date. Who to believe? I ask myself does it even matter? Every great city has been built and destroyed by the same idea: “Conquer what there is, to create your own”. Now we live the horrors of these revolutions, now we are striving for something better. Something we have never seen, only spoken by the voice we hold in our hearts.


The brave who are listening to this music wake up to realize, that time is a money making illusion. Commerce is set up for society to strive off the great power of the imperial lower class. In the future it will be like it was in the past. We will no longer trade time for power. Power has no use if there is no time. Beyond the vacuum of this liquid existence, we think no longer of winning any battle. We have saved our soul and paid respect to the only one in all. They who can not deny this truth do not fight, holding this realization a weapon with no intention to kill, they work and give life. No sleep.


No dimension is left uninhabited. Every one, like a stone is turned inside out. Trying to return to good, because that is our home. Living In good allows hearts to do anything with devine purpose to manifest a fortune to feed all spirits and nourish all that matters. Time travel is nothing new, cross dimensional tunnelling has been the purpose of space. How did we learn, create and build this possibility? How does someone know this? Because there is nothing to loose therefore nothing to learn. Only knowing matters, because here matter holds all the knowledge. Be here and there is a silent harmony playing within the corridors of our blood stream. This is how we will come to know our true nature. Living is here to elevate ourselves to natural beings, able to transform their light into everlasting physical radiance across this cosmos like the sun.

Nebula art

In church we learn a sun has sacrificed itself and rose after 3 days to save us all. In science we acknowledged the sun helped spawn life and that it has a beginning and end. Only we have always known we will never see an end or a beginning to anything. At least anything we can remember past our first joy, our first pain and our last great mistake. Our ego will not accept that we can not create, that we are all a constant witness to transformation. Always judging the miracle of our existence to be impossible, something beyond our own doing.

That we did not come from the great energy pulsing within two humans and their hearts like twin roses reaching for the sun, growing thorns to keep out others and safeguard their symbiotic nature. On earth and in the space all around. This is a signature of our faith and the walls protecting the motion of the wave of the ever present power within connecting us all. This is my constitution of our never ending journey back to accepting the answer knows about us.