Call me by your name poem 1

Inspired by the movie.


Call me by your name

when the wind

does not want to sleep

without your voice describing

the moonlight on a night

that should never end

we are candles


call me by your name

when the water is too cold

to swim but stand we will together

until faces meet with no shame

hands hold tighter than chains

where pleassure brings change

and only one remains


call me be your name

I want to be that tree

you see summer is only

one apple away

from leaves that fall for you

only so you can return

with the voice of spring

we are a new season


call me by your name

so we can watch the water boil

touch the keys of our symphony

tasting every note

when our noses meet

each on the others cheek

burning we make soft shapes

in fearless skin


we are candles

burning untill

only one remains

a new season

in fearless skin

painting your name

with dancing light in time


one mind, 

Jörgen UNOM



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