Wash the World

Asking why, has

become impure water

drops falling from the mind

afraid to join the clean stream


what is why

when the need is how

the questions shifts shoulder blades

the answer becomes work instead of thought


Clean the water

why and how become when

Make justice, time extends the path

Show it slowly, mend it to the mind of mover

know the why be the who

know the why be the who

one mind, Jörgen Gario UNOM



To The Next Round Grote Prijs

Yes, with the help of all you voting. I got to the next round in the dutch national music competition “De grote Prijs van Nederland“.

What have I won? Placement for the next round and a first showcase on the 24th of august for the jury. For more info stay posted. The location and time are to be announced.

Thank you all again! Stay tuned and you can connect with me on Instagram and FaceBook.


Wash the Will

Asking why has

toilet water

ready to flush

not fit to filter

When we know

what we save

might be enhancing

the walking dead

and their numbers

talking flesh

eating flesh

to buy flesh