Utrecht Bonifatius

De straten van mijn jeugd
ik bespeel de gevoelige stenen
met een zwaard en een notitieblok
Mijn herkenning tussen de vreemde
ik hoef ze niet te kopen
ik hoef ze niet te stelen
Zij zullen mijn niet vergeten

De nachtegaal zingt in de straat
van de supermarkt
De warme bakker is een vergaderzaal
voor hongerige hormonen
hier vergeet ik dat het pauze is
Hier proef ik de vrijheid
genoeg geld op zak
ogen zonder leden baden
in Wilhelmina haar groen

De leraren op school
zagen het verhaal in mijn gezicht
Opvanghuis, versleten strippenkaarten
die overgestempeld waren
om te verbergen dat het geld op was

Van wal naar de werkelijkheid
de hemel kleurt de zee
de waarheid is wijsheid met de humor
van inzichten en oplossingen
in de spiegel gesticht

Deze ingetogen stenen steunen
mijn heilzame harnas
in deze kiftige wereld

Woorden mijn gezanten
Poezië mijn aegis codex

~Jörgen Gario UNOM~

Bye Good End

Yes, I did not make it to the next round of the music competition De Grote Prijs van Nederland. I did inspire me to post a poetry again. Yes, we will keep going no matter what happends :D. Enjoy the Poem.

Bye Good End.

The apocalypse is

a result of human Dynamics

a construction of Social


a wing that breaks in mid flight

over an endless blue

Our mind is the horizon


Space seperated by nothing

but a thought

A false abstract

because thoughts are material

formations, crystals in the mind

diamonds in the mud

dreams in the dark


Polished by a truth

beyond purpose to shine

the soul of a memory

and the mission of man

with many



one mind

Touring in South Africa

Yes, I am touring in Cape Town, with my colleague Sjaan Flikweert. We are performing at Grouding Sessions, Artscape, Blah Blah Bar and KknK in Oudtshoorn.


The Poetry Circle has made this possible.

My album “Green Heart George” will be released later and not on the 23rd april.

In the mean time will upload more demos to my soundcloud and to get a preview of the album come to the live shows.

-One Mind-


Miracle made Man

A violin is being played

in a open field, across the street

it’s fall, orange the leaves

are red and ebony


Flying off  into

a space above water

the leaves are carried

by the notes

we see one fly

we hear one sound


played by a woman

in a field

full of no memory

listening to the future


now the man knows

what he feels


All Direction is Curved

The streets

smile at my eyes

a happy foundation

we trust, feel walk steady


Moving bones

idea’s of emotion

the sound of everyone

clear as rain


See the red umbrella

Listen, the shape shakes

in the drain takes

the streets fall

under this weather


wet well fed


from down blue

sky leaks

smiling at it’s peak

not in words

leading the sheep


up on a planet

in space this energy

there is no direction

round goes here

fornever allstays

Blue Sunshine

Break light to a blade

cut the day

with time and colour


the blend of brushstrokes

broken by one

code of now

presented as truth


struggeling to exist

for everyone


sweet bitter

Blue sunshine

sky beneath

my water


peace of orange

blue sunshine